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  • Work Experience

    • Jan 21, 2009 to Now

      IT Manager

      NESK Group of Trading Projects

      Amman, Jordan
      NESK Group of Trading Projects is a franchising and retailing company which focuses on bringing modern and trendy fashion concepts from European and American territories to GCC and Middle East countries,
      I am responsible for a full array of IS functions, including systems administration/design, ERP System, Data emigration , web site programming and development, network operations, hardware and software support,
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      database design and development, managing multiple complex programming/database projects simultaneously, and IT Security Coordinator for the entire department. Provide technical expertise, design, code and evaluate programs, and provide advanced technical direction for systems with multiple tasks and interfaces. Responsible for all systems integrity, recoverability, and controls. Propose and analyze new systems and changes for cost, benefit, timeliness and effectiveness. Provide high level IT support to other departmental IT staff including systems analysis, design techniques, machine approach, programming, testing, time estimation, and scheduling

    • Apr 13, 2005 to Jan 01, 2009 (Till now as Part Time)

      IT Specialist

      Qadri Dental Center

      Amman, Jordan

      Responsible for managing all organization technologies and providing technology support and training. Primary duties include: analyzing systems and processes; maintaining workstations and networks; and designing, developing and maintaining applications and website.

    • Jan 01, 2003 to Feb 30, 2005

      IT Instructor


      Amman, Jordan
      Instructed computer applications and computer & network support, Taught web surfing, word processing and presentation software, Taught introduction to programming and programming languages, Instructed network connectivity, MS Office, Internet and Email applications to students.

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      Systems development life cycle (SDLC)[/skill_list_item]
    • Joint applications development (JAD)0
    • Object-oriented programming0
    • [skill_list_item level='10']MS SQL Server (200x)[/skill_list_item][skill_list_item level='7']Oracle RDBMS (7.3, 8, 8i, 9i, 10g)0
    • [skill_list_item level='8']VB.net, C#, C++, ASP.net[/skill_list_item][skill_list_item level='5'] Java0
    • PHP0
      MS Windows Server 200x[/skill_list_item]
    • MS Exchange Server 20030
    • [skill_list_item level='10']FUTURA ERP[/skill_list_item][skill_list_item level='8'] SAP Business One ERP0
    • Handheld/scanning devices (Symbol)0


    Completed Applied Research Projects (ARPs), covering all aspects of design and management of organizational technical resources, as follows:

    For all previous projects, I used proprieties analysis tools, database, modeling tools and analysis methodology.

  • Education

    • 2004-2008

      B.S. Computer Information Systems

      Philadelphia University

      Amman, Jordan
      B.S. Computer Information Systems
      Very Good Grade
      Graduation Project: Outpatient Clinic System

    • 2001-2002

      Technical Support for Computer Use and Maintenance

      Information Technology Training Institute

      Amman, Jordan
      Technical Support for Computer Use and Maintenance Certificate,
      Excellent Grade – Highest grade in class. 

      Projects includes: “Stock Control”.


    • July 17, 2012

      Project Management Professional

      Completed a training course of Project Management Professional (PMP)

    • February 12, 2008

      VB.NET and SQL Server

      Completed a training course of Microsoft Developing Windows Application with VB.NET and SQL Server

    • September 09, 2008

      PHP and MySql

      Completed a training course of PHP and MySql

    • April 09, 2008

      ASP.NET and SQL Server

      Completed a training course of Microsoft Developing Web Application with ASP.NET and SQL Server

    • September 02, 2003

      Soft Skills

      Participated in a 3-day training workshop in IT, Gender, & Soft Skills held at the Hyatt, Amman as part of the UNIFEM/ Cisco “Achieving E-Quality in the ICT Sector” Program.

    • Jun 28, 2003


      Completed Semesters 1, 2, 3 & 4 of the Cisco Networking Academy Program. CCNA

    • IT Service Management and Business Requirements

      Has ITSM’s time arrived? A couple of years before terms such as “Cloud”, “Big Data” and “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) occupied the lexicon of IT publications and vendor marketing machines, the discipline of “Business Service Management” (BSM) captured many column inches. The concept at the heart of BSM was to ensure that the IT
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    • Windows 8 Perspectives – The power user and the teenager

      Windows 8 has been criticised quite a bit in the press for some of the decisions Microsoft has made around user interface. As more and more criticism has surfaced, a negative spiral seems to have been created, and it has now become fashionable for pundits and techies to write off Windows 8 as a failure,
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    • Apples and Oranges

      people really comparing like with like on the question of Mac versus Windows? A couple of weeks ago, I had occasion to spend some time on a 4-5 year old MacBook Pro that my daughter had been using, and immediately noticed how sluggish and clunky it felt compared to my Windows 7 notebook that has
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    • Putting ‘I’ back in ‘CIO’

      Nice sound bite, but does the spirit make sense? On  a few occasions recently I have heard presenters on stage remind their audience of the fact that the ‘I’ in ‘CIO’ stands for ‘Information’, the premise being that we all appear to have forgotten this over the years with a shift in focus to technology.
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    • Focus on business challenges, not technology innovations

      The IT industry really does bring out the best and worst traits of human nature. Were we always quite so excitable about the latest big thing? It is difficult to tell, as historical records don’t  tend to preserve the glee reserved for all things new and improved, whether or not they have any long-term advantage. This
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    Ahmad Al Sayyed
    Amman – Jordan
    Qais Bin Sa’ad St.

    +962 795 074 607

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